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Welcome to the Home of 
Seagull Technologies - Training Division

We are Dedicated to Helping Small Businesses Survive and Thrive in today's challenging 
marketplace.  We provide educational products to help you learn how to structure a business to 
optimize your profits and reduce taxes, as well as personal consulting services for those who 
want a more hands on approach to building a business that will last a lifetime.


You Don't Know - What You Don't Know - Until You Do


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  Building Blocks A Clean Desk Wasting Your Profits  

Building Blocks

Building a business is a lot like a Lego Set.  It takes all the right pieces put together properly to keep it from falling over.  We help you find all of the pieces you need to build it the right way.

A Clean Desk

Just throwing everything in a box is one of the fastest ways to failure.  But, just keeping yourself organized is not enough.  You also need to know what to organize and you'll learn that here.

Wasting Your Profits

What is the use of working so hard to build a business, only to give so much of your profits to the tax collectors.  Let us show you how to use the tax laws to keep more of that money in your pocket.


While There is No Shortcut to Success...  


That doesn't mean you can't learn how to be smarter about the way you want to build your business. After all, the less mistakes you make, the faster your business will grow and prosper.
We want to help you every step of the way.
There is no Shortcut to Success
The Pandemic Years
The Pandemic Years have shown us all a few things. 


First, things can fall apart overnight and second, the entire world is really interconnected on many fronts.
The small businesses that survived were structured so that they could 'turn on a dime' and forge a different path.  You need to be that type of business.
We can help you.
More Businesses Were Started in the last two years than anytime in history.


Unfortunately, statistics show that probably 78% of them will fail in the first year - primary because they never learned the basics of how all businesses need to be structured and they ended up wasting a lot money - enough money that they had to close their dream. 
We want you to be one of the success stories.
More Businesses Were Started


So Now the Decision is up to You

Are you willing to invest in yourself to learn what it takes to create and run a business and achieve the American Dream?
Do you just want to 'wing it' and make the mistakes that put so many people out of business needlessly?


I Choose to be Successful